Context and Content

  • The Prague Gathering is devoted to an education paradigm which resonates with education’s highest potential; it is designed to allow a safe and supportive space for meeting, sharing, learning, and envisioning together.
  • The event is meant to serve as a meeting ground for about 40 experts from over 20 countries and continents across the world. We’ll be reflecting on our collective wisdom and power, honor our lineage (and elders), care for the children of the world, and envision the education of tomorrow.
  • Weaved into the three days process will be moments of reflection, movement, poetry, meditation, imagery, and creative expression. Occasionally, various group participants may lead one of these experiential processes.
  • The event’s three days process will be co-facilitated by Virgilio Varela* and Nimrod Sheinman.
Virgilio Varela is a Lisbon based Portuguese international facilitator, who works with diverse methodologies to promote personal growth, empower groups and communities, and strengthen educational and financial institutions. In his work he integrates creative methods and perspectives based on Design Thinking, Open Space Technology, Dragon Dreaming, Asset Based Community Development (ABCD), Sociocracy, and Theory U. He holds an MA in Education from King's College University of London and is a keynote speaker at various conferences and institutions on topics such as community building, collaboration, social innovation and education.

Major Themes and Explorations

  • What is our unique contribution to the future of education? How can we work together, connect to other innovators and initiatives, and enhance the educational changes needed in the world.
  • How can we best integrate our unique narratives and themes (i.e. mindfulness, positive psychology, holistic education, social-emotional learning, and deep ecology) towards a holistic integration which is bigger than the sum of its parts?
  • What is our individual and collective contribution to competency enhancing education? What are the methodologies and pedagogies that we have discovered, uncovered and refined?
  • What could be the optimal integration of knowledge-based education with competency-based education?
  • What could the future school of education be like? What could the future school be like? What could the future curriculum, school’s culture and climate be like?
The time has come for us to consider seriously how to change our way of life, not through prayer or religious teaching, but through education.